Feedstock to digester


Throughout this tool you can fill out the yellow marked boxes. The boxes marked in green will provide you the necessary guidelines on the values you have to fill out. In case you make adjustments to the yellow boxes, you will have to click the "(re)calculate" button in order to update the final result.

Fill out the feedstock you would apply for the digester for all the flows.
  Ton/y DM (%) N (kg/t) P2O5 (kg/t)
Pig manure: raw manure  
Pig manure: thick fraction  
Cow manure: raw manure  
Cow manure: thick fraction  
Chicken manure  
Organic Waste

  Ton/y DM (%) DM (Ton/y) N (ton/y) P (ton/y)
Total feed to digester
For your information you can find below an indicative figure for the composition of the organic waste flows.
Organic Waste: low N-content kg/t
Organic waste: high N-content kg/t
Organic Waste : low P-content kg/t
Organic waste : high P-content kg/t
Organic waste : low %Dry Matter %DS
Organic Waste : high %Dry Matter %DS

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